14.03.2020 The Third Room x Bassiani - Wir haben das Event aufgrund der aktuelle Lage mit dem Corona Virus abgesagt!

We are canceling our upcoming The Third Room x Bassiani showcase due the enormous health concerns caused by the corona virus. This Monday we were convinced to let this event take place and just got today the confirmation from the foundation Zeche Zollverein and City of Essen that we are allowed to proceed as planned. BUT the recent developments in the last days and hours let us to this decision to postpone the show to a further date. Health is an invaluable resource.

This is a really hard decision for us because the enormous production costs for this show will ruin us financially. Let us be straight in what is coming next: we don’t know what is coming next! What we do know is that we are not able to pay our bills anymore. The music and event scene has collapsed within a few days and we as a small company won’t be able to survive this if we have to refund all ticket sales. So we are asking for your solidarity to let us survive in these hard times by letting try to pay our bills in an amount of 10000€ from the ticket incomes.

In times of such a crisis it is essential how we treat us each other. We are asking for your empathy and understanding. If someone of you doesn’t agree with this, then it is your natural right to get that refund.

Sincerely The Third Room Team