Unser Resident Marc Faenger hat dieser Tage eine neue EP veröffentlicht. Die 4-Track-EP "Boiler" ist bereits die dritte VÖ auf dem Label Cellaa Music, das mit den vorausgegangenen Releases "Mild Pitch" und "Nip" bedeutende Grundsteine für sein späteres Minus-Releases legte.
"Boiler" ist sowohl auf Vinyl als auch digital erschienen und konnte sich schon Plätze in diversen Sales-Charts sichern.

Early support: Paco Osuna, Gel Abril, Someone Else, Dhaze, Outway, Reelow, Fabio Florido, Mihai Popoviciu, Audiojack, Gaetano C, Joshua Puerta, Dan Noel, Philip Arruda and many more.

Label Info:
'Cellaa Music is happy to welcome back Minimal Techno Star, Marc Faenger, with a follow up to his highly acclaimed 2013 'Mild Pitch' EP. A leading light of the club scene in NRW, Marc has held residency at the legendary Studio nightclub and stayed true to his underground roots through a stream of releases for the likes of Minus, Little Helpers, Aella Music and Trapez Ltd. Boiler EP sees the boy from Düsseldorf deliver four thumping minimal-tech-tracks, with powerful basslines, catchy sounds and a superstylin' groove, supereffective for the dancefloor. Four different tracks, four times 110% Marc Faenger quality. Focussing on nowhere else but the dancefloor and designed for no one else but the skilled selector, all tracks act as timeless calls to action for all groove aficionados…
And suggest yet another exciting Release for Cellaa Music.'

Studio, Schützenbahn 31, 45127 Essen